Efficient Winter Drainage for Your Driveway

Efficient Winter Drainage for Your Driveway
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Are you fed up with puddles on your driveway as winter draws in?

Whether you’re thinking of a commercial property or a domestic one, you don’t have to endure splashing through chilly puddles or slipping over ice patches.

The winter weather will continue unabated. Mists, rain, snow and ice and the resulting surface moisture act as a constant reminder that the sun is shining brighter in the southern hemisphere.

That leaves the driveway materials to reconsider.

Let’s not get too technical but driveways are permeable or impermeable.

Impermeable means that it doesn’t allow water to drain through it so puddles are more likely. Concrete and asphalt are impermeable, hence the surface water.

Permeable materials absorb the water and allow effective drainage so surface water is diminished.

If you want to eliminate pesky puddles in the long term then the most effective answer lies in switching the landscaping material to a permeable substance.

Grass/soil will allow moisture through it but we know that when it reaches saturation point it will become boggy and a rather unattractive squelch occurs with every step.

Or, if you’re incredibly unlucky you might slip on it and get yourself in to an impromptu mud bath.

Permeable resin bound paving has been developed but it requires additional care over winter and doesn’t assist with underfoot grip if the weather is icy.

You presumably want to walk to the front door rather than skate there and smash in to your home or office.

The best solution is driveway chippings and gravel.

Both are permeable landscaping materials which allow maximised drainage for less surface water/ice.

Installing chippings is cost effective, the investment of time and money is not prohibitive.

The materials last for several years and only require an occasional top up to ensure that sinking and ruts won’t occur.

Chippings offer purchase underfoot so even at the iciest and darkest points of the season your feet will find the shaping of gravel or chippings helpful.

Driveway chippings and gravels can’t form a solid ice sheet; they remain individual and safer.

Better grip for vehicles. We’ve all enjoyed freewheeling down a slope and the spin that accompanies the loss of tyre control on concrete and asphalt.

Don’t contend with it as you leave or enter your property’s exterior space.

Gravel is available in a variety of sizes, textures and colours and Mother Nature has added unique personality to each gravel and driveway chippings option.

Here are a few examples of driveway chippings and gravels to start your selection process.

Professional suppliers including Rivar Sand and Gravel in Newbury, Tadley and Windlesham will be happy to offer more choices and advice.

  • Thames Valley Flint Moonstone Gravel features black, white, grey, brown and russet. Available in 10mm and 20mm driveway chippings.
  • South Cerney Gravel is buff, semi rounded gravel which is supplied in 10mm or 20mm sizes.
  • Toffee Gravel in Thames Valley Flint contains 20mm angular chippings in earthy browns and golds.

Banish puddles and skating on thin ice, resurface your driveway.

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