How Does Raspberry Ketone Help In Reducing Body Fat?

How Does Raspberry Ketone Help In Reducing Body Fat?
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Raspberry ketone is present in red raspberry fruits. The compound provides raspberry its luscious, fruity scent. In addition to having numerous health benefits, Raspberry Ketone is used as flavoring in beverages and foods. Also, it is an important agent present in cosmetics and perfumes. This guide will brief you more about Raspberry Ketone.

About It

Scientific name of Raspberry Ketone is butane-2-one. Supplements of this berry are sold in various food stores and online environment. Raspberry ketone health benefits aren’t limited to weight loss, but it is also helpful in improving the body’s cholesterol.

How Does Raspberry Ketone Work?

  • Anti-inflammatory Effects

Raspberry ketone has anti-inflammatory effects, meaning that it has the ability of suppressing cyclooxygenase-2 and synthesis of nitric oxide. These two enzymes function as signaling molecules and modulate numerous body functions such as peristalsis, vascular support and insulin secretion.

Cyclooxygenase helps in speeding up production or synthesis of chemical messenger called as prostaglandins, which is responsible to promote inflammation.

  • Anti-lipemic Effects

Besides this, raspberry ketone has anti-lipemic effect on the body’s cholesterol levels. It has been determined by some studies that Raspberry Ketone helps in increasing the high-density lipoprotein and reducing low-density lipoprotein.

This function leads to reduction in development of plague inside the walls of arterial, thereby reducing the chances of arterial sclerosis or hardening of arteries. This not only controls high blood pressure, but also helps in controlling other cardiac conditions.

  • Antioxidant Effects

It has been found that raspberry ketone has anti-oxidant effects, meaning that it assists in destroying free radicals, which damage and havoc healthy body cells.

  • Dermatological Effects

A lesser known fact about Raspberry Ketone is that it has dermatological effects, meaning that it assists skin care. It helps in improving skin pigmentation and whitening its color. Compounds present in Raspberry Ketone help in production of tyrosinase, which is a gene that contributes to brown patches or melasma of discoloration on facial skin.

When it’s about weight loss and obesity, Raspberry increases oxidation of fatty acids that leads to stimulation of adiponetic secretion thereby promoting fat loss. Basically, adiponetic is a protein hormone secreted by body’s fat cells also known as adipocytes. These cells are responsible for regulating glucose metabolism and lipids.


The direction for the use of Raspberry Ketone depends upon the reason for using it. Different manufacturers as well as brands can affect the recommended dosage of a particular supplement. You should choose the product that contains fillers, binders and additional ingredients for some added benefits.

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