What is the application of the remote video conferencing system in the enterprise?

What is the application of the remote video conferencing system in the enterprise?
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Communication in the operation of enterprises occupy a very important position, the traditional way of remote communication is nothing more than telephone or travel two. Although the telephone conference can communicate in a timely manner, but because of its non-visible limitations, encountered the need to display products and information communication situation had to send a business trip. Often in order to attend an hour of meetings need to spend more than 2 days on the trip, accompanied by the high travel costs incurred, increasing the operating costs of the enterprise. Although frequent travel can solve most of the problems, but greatly extended the decision-making cycle, in the brutal shopping malls, backward competitors may lose more than just a second money.

The general application of remote video conferencing systems in the enterprise includes the following:

First, for internal communication.

Distributed in different regions of the enterprise branch, with the video conferencing system can communicate with the head office anytime, anywhere, do not need to waste time on the road for the enterprise to shorten the decision time and improve the company’s operational efficiency.

Second, to the public and target customers to visualize the product promotion, enhance the intuitive.

As the saying goes, “seeing is believing”, by showing the product, so that customers see the appearance of the product, work status, performance, etc., than just come up with a few sets of data more convincing.

Third, with non-local customers to visualize the interaction, enhance the realism.

In the past, communication with remote customers requires the relevant personnel to travel to and from the two cities on a number of occasions. The use of video conferencing systems, like face-to-face communication, can keep track of customer needs.


Fourth, the staff of the branch staff on duty training.

The growing size of the organization, the growing dispersion of the organization, so that the staff of the business training and ideological work has become difficult, centralized training to spend a lot of money and time. Through the network video conferencing system will help enterprises to establish Internet-based remote training platform classroom, so far in the horizon of teachers and students face to face communication and communication, to achieve business education and education dream.

Fifth, the company itself or customers for remote visualization technical support and maintenance.

Through the video conferencing software system can be technical staff “face to face” to explain, effective and rapid solution to the problems encountered, a substantial increase in customer trust and satisfaction with the enterprise.

Six, video conferencing system can be used to visualize remote video recruitment.

Business-related personnel to go to different places to recruit not only time-consuming and laborious, but also often because the recruitment of the person in charge of limited energy can only go to several cities, missed more local talent. With the video conferencing system, job seekers can direct “face to face” communication at the local branch office headquarters, save time on both sides and attract more talent for the company.

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